We compare, you decide

Trabber compares all the flights, hotels, rent cars and train tickets offered by travel reservation websites so you can find the best option with peace of mind, saving time and money.

We search for you

When searching on Trabber, our search engine connects directly to the websites of airlines, travel agencies, hotel chains, car rental companies and train reservation companies, to extract all of their results.

Compare and filter according to your preferences

On the Trabber results page you can filter and objectively compare all the options according to your preferences

Get inspired by the offers search engine

Let yourself be surprised by our offers search engine. Search without destination or with flexible dates to discover new destinations and the latest bargains.

Plan your trips, also with friends

Create your trip page. A private space shared with your travel companions in which to save and comment on the option you find.

No gimmicks

We have no sponsorized results or any misleading message to confuse you. We compare everything with transparency, uncovering hidden surcharges and showing final prices.

We do not like the "only 1 place left", nor the "there are 20 people looking at this hotel".

We compare and nothing else

We don't sell anything here. We are a comparator, just a comparator. Reservations are always made on one of the websites that we compare.

Other websites are presented as comparators but they are also reservation websites.

Book wherever you prefer

Sometimes is cheaper to book at an agency than on the airline's website. Curious but it happens. The same goes for hotels. In Trabber you have all the options to compare.


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100% independent

Unlike other comparators ¹ ² ³ Trabber does not belong to any corporation or hotel website. This allows us to be free to do things differently. We have no conflicts of interest, nor do we sell our own products. Our priority is to provide you the best service.


Óscar Frías

I am a telecom engineer. I started developing Trabber together with Daniel in 2003. I have to do a bit of everything but what I like the most is programming. I began to learn as a child by copying by hand the code of the Commodore 64 games that were published in magazines. Now it's a bit the same but with Stack Overflow.

Daniel Katime

I have a degree in Physics and I have always been passionate about new technologies and traveling. So Trabber is without a doubt the perfect place. In this "trip" I have learned a lot from Óscar and also from Manuel.

Manuel González

Computer engineer. User since the beginning, I joined Trabber in 2008 as a Full Stack developer. Since then, trying to make Trabber the best possible travel site. With more hobbies than available time: traveling, running, music, chess (we can play in lichess: P)